Self Service Portal

ComplyScore’s Vendor Portal (V-Port) is the user friendly access vehicle that drives efficient communication and extends effective compliance related workflows across supply chain members. 

Track, evaluate and monitor vendors in Manufacturing Industry

V-Port extends vendor self service functions to any licensed ComplyScore vendor-facing module. V-Port acts as the central communication funnel and audit trail for all electronic compliance related correspondence, on-line interactive communication and information exchange between the enterprise and its vendors. 


Single Point of Access

V-Port provides single point of connection for user friendly, consistent and role based access to streamline and simplify a vendor’s reply to required input related to compliance, risk and performance related functions.


The Portal includes both general and specific questionnaire line item level interactive Q/A. Additionally, on-line instruction, comment entry and messaging to enable users (vendor or direct staff) to get rapid responses to their questions or requests for clarifying information.


View the exact status and assignment of the policy and ensure multi-level signoffs using email notifications and easy dashboard access

Attach Certificates

Required supporting documentation such as certifications are easily uploaded to the enterprise vendor management files via the drop and drag to repository feature.


V-Port provides highly secure (i.e. pen tested, fully auditable) external user provisioning and control mechanism compliant and consistent with security best practices and guidelines such as NIST, COSO, SOD etc.

Embed Supporting Documents

Attach supporting documents to a policy, that are essential to comprehension.

Automate Notifications

As an on-line interactive facility, V-Port activates capability and provides a tool that automates and monitors responses for notifications to vendors. Some key notifications include: notices of expired/required Compliance certifications, required Q/A responses and SLA and Contract Compliance Performance Reporting.

Easy Implementation

V-Port is a SaaS dedicated cloud based product, requiring no IT operational resources.

Access From Anywhere

As a web and mobile enabled application, V-Port helps to strengthen working relationships with vendors by giving them desirable anytime/anywhere self-service capabilities.


V-Port streamlines and speeds up the on-boarding process, while helping define the named positions of responsibility for vendors assigned relationship managers, within the vendor’s organization.

SSO Access

IT and user adoption is simplified through easy interface with SAML, MS Active Directory and MS Azure environment establishing Single Sign On (SSO) across desired applications.

Single Entry and Exit Point

V-Port is the front end entry point for ComplyScore Vendor Governance workflow management and tracking systems. Content intake from V-Port is used to keep all parties up to date via reporting provided for enterprise-wide status of Vendor Assessments completion and vendor and Contract Compliance requirements.


Through its extended work flow functions, V-Port provides transparency and keeps all involved updated on tasks assigned to Vendor/partner contacts, including continual alerts for overdue tasks on login.


As part of workflow/task management, vendors see reminders when compliance certifications are due for submission and renewal.

Email & Call Tracking

V-Port provides a unilateral email/call tracking system keeping all parties (including auditors) clear on latest and ongoing dialog on any vendor governance, or compliance related matter.


In order to streamline communication processes with third party partners and keep everyone on the same page, a purpose-built and engaging medium for exchange of Risk, Compliance and Performance Management information must be deployed.

As an enterprise’s number of vendor relationships grows large and complex, the level of effort for completing timely required exchanges of compliance information becomes challenging for all parties involved. This challenge is magnified at the supplier end as the number of requesting business partner requests for compliance and performance supporting information multiplies.

Use of typical methods such as email, postal and telephone communications in the absence of a dedicated work flow system, will only lead to inefficient manual workload and inflated costs at both ends.


Healthcare & Hospitals

Compliance status, statutory regulations, survey management
Hospitals and Healthcare institutions can improve vendor relations with the self-service portal.

Financial Services

Risk assessment in Healthcare, Healthcare GRC, Task Management
Financial Services institutions can interact with multiple vendors effectively through the self-service portal.

Health Insurance

Risk assessment in Healthcare, Healthcare GRC, Task Management
Health Insurance companies can free up pleanty of time and resources by handling vendors through the self-service portal.


Manage Vendor Governance in Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing companies depend on multiple vendors and can easy interact and make the most of their partnerships through the self-service portal.