ComplyScore's GRC Training solution offers a broad range of trainings and services to businesses worldwide. Our customers value our expertise which helps them earn trust with their customers by practices, streamlining processes and managing complex risk issues across the risk lifecycle.


Off the shelf training material

Provides a cost effective way to manage standardized training needs, which is particularly important in regulatory training

Custom-made programmes

Our custom made trainings are tailored to meet your exact training needs and provide the knowledge that suits your employees need

Our network

Access our 300+ expert network to get the best results

Specific trainings

Choose the training format you want, ranging from LMS content, web based training and onsite training а your office

Quick Response & Delivery

Minimum time taken from the moment of the training request, to the time of delivery

Variety of tainings

Training programmes have been designed for the beginner, intermediate and expert levels


Ensure that the entire workforce is compliant with regulatory guidelines through comprehensive training programmes.

Organise appropriate training sessions for employees and also check and monitor their progress in such a way that the weaker sections of the workforce can be given special attention.

With a clear understanding of how equipped your workforce is, you can take the necessary steps to enhance productivity.

By focusing on improving the quality of your workforce, you automatically improve the quality of your services as well.

With a better trained workforce, the amount of external help you require is automatically reduced, saving company funds and resources.

Once you are confident in the skills and effectiveness of your people, the need for supervision is automatically reduced and you can focus those resources on increasing productivity.