Third Party Risk Assessment

While third party providers remain critical to the success of businesses, every product or service contracted for, presents business risk that must be identified, assessed and mitigated. These risks range from information security risks to reputation risks to compliance risks.

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Due diligence, a challenge

Due diligence tasks required to ensure that business risks are mitigated tend to be manual. The number of Tier 1 and 2 can also be large. This puts enormous burden on the staff who are able to manage only a few hundred assessments every year. Add scale to your Risk Assessment with ComplyScore services.

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We can help

In addition to the best in class Third party assessment tool, ComplyScore offers services executed by our qualified & certified in-house experts who employ proven methodologies to effectively address the challenges of assessing and managing third party relationships.

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Robust track record

Our experts have performed due diligence on vendors across the globe. From North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, we have assessed thousands of vendors and third party providers. These services are performed across multiple domains like HealthCare, Financial Services, Life Sciences as well as Manufacturing.


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Third party assessments put significant administrative burden on your staff. As the number of vendors increases and the geographies in which they operate expand, internal staff may not be able to scale to cover the entire vendor base. Using ComplyScore Third Party Assessment Services, organizations can cover a large geographically dispersed vendor base.

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With 9 locations across the globe, ComplyScore is able to cover multiple geographies efficiently.

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With tools optimized for third party assessments experienced staff in the right shoring model, overall cost is reduced significantly.

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Our certified and experienced staff will bring great efficiency as we help you scale.


ComplyScore's team has the capability to conduct third party assessments and due diligence for following assessments:

  • Information security risk assessments using NIST based questionnaire or SIG questionnaire.
  • CFPB compliance assessments
  • HIPAA CMS – FDR and Quality assessment
  • PCI compliance
  • Stop list verification
  • Document verification like documents like Insurance certificates & SSAE16 certificates
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