Incident Management

Complyscore's Incident Response Management (IRM) solution provides an advanced platform to automate the entire Incident Response processes. Using advanced machine learning techniques the solution prioritizes events to enable your team focus on the right alerts and events.

ComplyScore IRM takes your Incident management beyond Cyber Security event and incident management to full enterprise business incident management. With ComplyScore, your IR process becomes automated, coordinated and repeatable.

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Incidents happen across your organization. Flexible entry using web, mobile and email removes the hurdles to entering incidents. Easy rollout across the organization with minimal training is the key to the success. Each incident type needs its own specific data elements. Complyscore allows configuration of intake and follow-up action screens for all incident types.

Based on industry standards and your policies create an automated and comprehensive response plans. Deliver action items through emails or texts. The solution ensures that no matter where your SMEs are, correct and timely action is always taken.

ComplyScore provides a unified view of all alerts & events emanating from multiple solutions including SIEMS. Further auto prioritization of alerts ensures focus on right alerts.

Leverage your investment in IRM to manage incidents across your enterprise from HR, Legal, IT, Finance & Compliance incidents to CyberSecurity incident. Apply the same rigor and automation to all incidents to derive maximum ROI from the solution.

Attach virtually any document, image, report, chart, or other relevant data to an incident case. The ability to add other files, such as scanned images, audio interview records, and log files to cases.

Assign incident cases to multiple users. Apply granular access controls to case data so that several analysts can collaborate on a case while maintaining important “need to know” authorization structures throughout the incident handling process.

Create a detailed Root-Cause analysis and Incident Management plan. Send out automated Task notifications to the responsible individuals and teams. All Processes are tracked, from initiation to closure.

Deliver flexible Incident reporting templates and tools. Gain enterprise-wide and location-specific visibility into each incident. Have the ability to track and measure Incident Data through powerful analytics.

ComplyScore integrates with alerts from multiple solutions like FireEye, Qualys, Qradar, CyberFlow & Splunk.


Incidents don’t come in one flavor. Each incident requires its own set of details. ComplyScore offers a highly flexible solution that can be configured for every Incident type.

When incidents happen, there is very little time to go over the response plan. The response should be swift and accurate. ComplyScore automates the response and creates a full response plan by assigning tasks to the right individual with right levels of escalation.

Each Incident, be it privacy, security or compliance, carries certain regulatory obligations. It is critical to execute these obligations and cross-reference them to regulations. ComplyScore makes it easy to complete the required tasks and document them.

Just as important it is to respond in a timely manner, it is important to do timely Root-Cause analysis and store all relevant documentation in one easily accessible and searchable place. ComplyScore makes Root-Cause analyses, Control Failure analyses and storing of all related documents very easy and intuitive.

Incident reporting is an important element of board reports. Making these reports is time consuming and error-prone. ComplyScore automates the creation of the management reports.

It is important to simulate incidents and the execution of the response plan. This ensures readiness in dealing with incidents and also helps identify gaps in readiness. Complyscore allows you to simulate the incidents, measure the success or failure of various tasks and helps correct failures. This reduces the chances of failures during the incidents.

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