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Leading US Health company achieves ISO 27001/2013 certification and assures ongoing Compliance through ComplyScore expert services and solutions.
ComplyScore Chosen by leading FinTech Company for Security Assessment Needs

ComplyScore's Information Security Solution Set includes software solutions and services to help organizations engineer a robust cyber defense program.The solution supports all facets of IT governance including Risk Assessments, Control Monitoring, Incident Management, Network Monitoring and Network Traffic Analytics.

Using ComplyScore, you can comply with the multitude of regulations including HIPAA security, NESA and NIST. It supports COSO, COBIT and ISO 27002 frameworks. Our CISSP certified associates have guided clients across the globe in implementing the most effective information security frameworks. Our services include ISO 27001 Certification, Risk Assessments, creation of Policies and Procedures, PEN testing, Training and Code Review.

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“Our experience with Atlas Systems has been outstanding. They have been very responsive to our needs and very willing to accommodate special requests such as can you have it done yesterday. Overall, they are extremely professional, responsive, and very willing to work within your parameters to deliver what you need for a very reasonable price. We will continue to utilize their services and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for any technology services especially Information Security.”

VP, IT Security and Governance
A leading FinTech company based out of US


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Manage CyberRisk
CyberSecurity involves protecting external networks as well as internal networks. Threats come in multiple forms, each needing specialized ways of handling. None of the vulnerabilities can be ignored.

Get ISO 27001 certified, SANSí 4 stage- Reconnaissance
Manage Compliance
Based on the industry it operates in, business organizations are subject to several information security compliance requirements. The multiple overlapping requirements from numerous regulatory authorities put significant burden on IT staff to be in compliance.
Information Security, Skill to manage Information Security
Manage Skills
Information Security is a highly specialized field that needs special skills. The solutions are numerous and each brings in a special set of requirements. There is a significant shortage of individuals who can work across multiple areas of infosecurity.


ComplyScore Vendor Governance
ComplyScore’s IT-GRC solution helps manage multiple processes and activities including policy management, asset tracking, risk assessments, control implementation, regulatory compliance and reporting, incident and threat management, vendor risk and performance management, business continuity planning, and ongoing IT auditing.
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Incident Response from ComplyScore
Incident Management
Complyscore's Incident management provides an integrated incident resolution management workflow to help you overcome your most challenging Security and Compliance issues. It uses the SANS Six-Step Incident Response process to guide teams through a proven, repeatable incident handling process.
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Incident Response from ComplyScore
Third Party Risk Assessments
Third party assessments put significant burden on your staff. As the number of vendors increases and the geographies in which they operate expand, so does the load. Using ComplyScore Third Party Assessment Services, organizations can cover a large geographically dispersed vendor base.
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ComplyScore Incident Management
Network Defense
ComplyScore offers an integrated suite of security and compliance solutions provides organizations of all sizes with a global view of their security and compliance, while drastically reducing their total cost of ownership.
It includes continuous monitoring, vulnerability management, policy compliance, PCI compliance, questionnaire service, web application scanning, web application firewall, malware detection and SECURE Seal for security testing of websites.
ComplyScore GRC, Vendor Governance, Information Security
Network Analytics
Protect your network through Anomaly detection. It detects the anomalies in your network created by attackers as they attempt to move across your network and steal your data. By using a convergence of big data streaming analytics, cyber intelligence, and visualization CyberFlow cuts through the noise and identifies high-risk anomalies in your network.
These anomalies are an activity outside the business or industrial process that is machine learned as “normal” and could be insider policy violations, equipment misconfigurations/failure, or a very sophisticated cyber breach.
Incident Response from ComplyScore
One of the best options in cyber defence is to strengthen the human side. Studies have shown that it is the one that fails most of the time because of lack of proper training on security awareness.ComplyScore Training helps create awareness on information security and ensure that the awareness programme is effectively implemented and reflected across the entire organization.

Delivered online, in person workshops or in-house, ComplyScore training will ensure that your staff has the awareness and training in dealing with cyber defense.


ComplyScore's team has the breadth and depth to assist small as well as global organizations in their persuit of cyber defense. Our CISSP certified associates have guided clients across the globe in implementing the most effective information security frameworks. Our services include:

  • ISO 27001 Certification
  • VAPT / PEN testing
  • Audits
  • Third Party Assessments

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Healthcare & Hospitals

Contract Management in Healthcare Industry
Secure ePHI data and comply with all regulations.

Financial Services

Secure PHI and meet FINRA,FFIEC, SEC, SOX & PCI mandates.

Health Insurance

Automated Due-diligence, On-going risk assessments, non-compliance
Secure ePHI and comply with HIPAA, CMS & SOX mandates.


Manage Vendor Governance in Manufacturing Industry
Secure PHI and meet SOX, FISMA, PCI and HITECH/HIPAA regulations.