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Healthcare, one of the most regulated industries, is often faced with compliance challenges. Here, having a firm grip on the different audits, quality standards and regulations is vital. ComplyScore GRC helps you stay compliant and updated so that you can focus on patient service.


Most regulated industry, stay compliant, Managing healthcare GRC
ComplyScore GRC has been designed to help healthcare organizations & hospitals adhere to complex regulations and get a holistic view of governance.


Contract Management in Healthcare Industry
ComplyScore Healthcare has been designed ground up to address the various challenges of the industry, by empowering your staff with the right information.

Why ComplyScore?

Survey management, FDR and FWA assessment, Contract Management
With ComplyScore you can get started immediately and scale up the solution gradually. Our experts will help tailor-make the platform to suit your needs.

Address challenges in the Healthcare Industry with ComplyScore

Challenges in Healthcare Industry, ComplyScore


  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Automated FDR and FWA assessment
  • Real time tracking of vendor related issues
  • Manage artifacts and evidence for audits
  • On demand status reports
  • High efficiency in survey management
  • High efficiency in training management

Customer speak

"The ComplyScore solution has helped our organization get real-time data on company-wide compliance status and information. Automated updation processes help us align completely with changes in statutory regulations."

General Manager, NYC Healthplan

Compliance status, statutory regulations, survey management

The healthcare industry can be a high-risk and challenging legislative environment and one that demands a proactive risk and compliance approach. Address your key challenges in Healthcare with ComplyScore modules & solutions.

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  • Healthcare GRC
  • Task Management
  • Policy & Procedure Management
  • Incident Management
  • Contract Management