Risk Management

ComplyScore's Risk Management software solution enables organizations to document and assess enterprise risks, define controls and implement recommendations and remediation plans. The system integrates all risk management related data and processes and their corresponding controls and assessments, results from individual assessments, issues and remediation plans - in an integrated environment. 

Manufacturing Industry, Audit Readiness, SOX, SCADA, COBIT


Risk Repository

Create a repository of risks and controls at the levels of Department, Entities, Products and Regions


Organize risks and maintain histories in the form of a library for easy data access.


Process in addition to risks, maintain and link risk factors, KRIs and Policies.


Conduct risk assessments based on risk configured.

Risk Analyses

Ability to conduct inherent & residual risk analyses.


Easily create issue & remediation management.

Rolled Up Views

Create rolled up views of risks through control areas and entity hierarchy.


Constantly monitor KRIs.

Reports & Dashboards

Get a clear picture of the entire organization through dashboards and generate reports on the fly.


It is important to have multiple perspectives on Risk, in order to get a better understanding and take accurate decisions. ComplyScore's solution allows you to do a top-down or a bottoms-up risk perspective, giving you better insight into your risks.

The most effective way to understand risk is by organizing it. ComplyScore's solution allows you to map risk and categorize it into hierarchies, enabling you to make better decisions in a timely manner.

Risk varies, depending on the orgainzation and the industry it operates in. ComplyScore's solution is tailor made to an organization's specific needs and thus gives you more control and accuracy over the way you manage risk.

Risk is present across the orgainzation. ComplyScore's solution gives you the ability to evaluate and compare risk across departments so you can allocate resources adequately.

In order to best understand risk, organizations need to maintain histories of risk and also have all supporting data at hand, in order to take the best decision at a given time. ComplyScore's solution allows you to maintain risk histories and also attach supporting documents so that the risk at hand is made very clear and precise action can be taken.


Healthcare & Hospitals

Contract Management in Healthcare Industry
Hospitals and Healthcare institutions can manage risk across the organization and locations.

Financial Services

ComplyScore GRC, Vendor Governance, Information Security
Financial Services institutions can quickly assess and manage risk and make more precise decisions.

Health Insurance

GRC for health insurance , managing multiple risks and regulatory changes
Health Insurance companies can provide stakeholders with better service by evaluating and managing risk.


SOX, FCPA and Basel II, GRC for manufacturing Companies
Manufacturing companies can maintain historic versions of all policies and create a version of the entire manual.