Compliance Management

ComplyScore's Compliance Update Management Solution provides organizations with a clear, concise view of updates from different regulatory bodies. By presenting an organization with only the  relevant updates and by enabling tracking and documentation for the entire 'impact analysis' process, this solution helps companies streamline compliance reporting  and links them to the relevant Policies and Procedures.

Vendor Tracking, Avoid security breaches, AIC MAR audits


Single repository

Helps quickly locate the required policies and easily find key terms across requirements and policies

Set renewal dates

Ensures policies are reviewed and renewed at regular intervals

Workflow management

View the exact status and assignment of the policy and ensure multi-level signoffs using email notifications and easy dashboard access

Maintain Policy Histories

Maintain historic versions of all policies and create a version of the entire manual as of a given historic date

Receive Feedback

Feedback from the field will be extremely valuable during the policy renewal time

Embed supporting documents

Attach supporting documents to a policy, that are essential to comprehension

Compliance updates

Apart from accessing a single view of all compliance updates, have the ability to add custom updates, send updates for impact analysis and report on updates, impact and follow through tasks

Policy attestation

Ensure that your staff understands and agrees to abide by company policies by integrating policy attestation

Dashboard of key events

Track various policies that are up for renewal, currently being worked on, assigned to you for approval and those that need to be reviewed for change in compliance requirements or organization structure

Role-based access

Certain groups of administration policies can be made visible to other departments, while keeping other policies as private to corporate group


Keep track of a particular policy with the use of bookmarks


Send automated emails to all the parties that are concerned with changes around a certain policy

Compliance updates

Apart from accessing a single view of all compliance updates, have the ability to add custom updates, send updates for impact analysis and report on updates, impact and follow through tasks

Integrate FAQs

Ensure your team is up-to-date on certain policies by attaching FAQ’s and quizzes


Choose from a range of templates to maintain a homogenous look and feel to your policy documents

Auto-create tasks

Ensure that certain follow-up tasks are assigned and completed before policy becomes effective

Data import – export

Export updated policies and import staff updates on a scheduled basis


The solution significantly reduces the time spent in managing compliance updates.

Considerably reduces time spent in following up with other departments.

The solution makes for easy to rollout across the enterprise, with email-reply option for non-power users.

The solution is equipped with multiple reports and reminders to ensure that all updates are tracked to completion.

Organizations are confronted with a growing plethora of compliance regulations, guidelines and standards, from FCPA, ISO 27001, AML, PCI-DSS, COBIT, NERC-CIP, EPA, HIPAA, OSHA, to SOX, RAC audits and Basel, each requiring separate policies and procedures. These policies have to be maintained for a number of years, in addition to other information such as privacy practices, notices and complaints dispositions. The result is hundreds of pages of documentation.


Healthcare & Hospitals

Compliance status, statutory regulations, survey management
Hospitals and Healthcare institutions can manage various compliance procedures across the organization and locations.

Financial Services

Risk Assessments, Compliance Updates, Third Party Management
Financial Services institutions can ensure that they are always compliant with different regulatory bodies.

Health Insurance

GRC for health insurance , managing multiple risks and regulatory changes
Health Insurance companies can greatly increase their productivity by freeing up resources through managing compliance.


Manage Vendor Governance in Manufacturing Industry
Manufacturing companies can automate certain compliance procedures and always stay updated.